пятница, 11 декабря 2015 г.

Homemade Christmas by WendyP Designs

This pack included 86 beautiful and unique elements like:
buttons, flowers, ribbons, rosettes, conifers, bow, snowflakes, stars, bottle caps, christmas trees, santa, scribbles, paint clusters, woodslice elements, woodtile, wordbits,
wood pieces, strings, stithces, christmas stocking, cones, berries, chain, crochet pieces, antlers, knitted deer and moose, gingham hearts, light string, ornaments,
bird, frames, enable pieces
16 patterned papers, 8 solids, 5 quickpages, 10 pocket cards, 9 sctaked cards, 9 plaid papers
and you will recieve a homemade christams alpha for free!!

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